Amber Curry (who goes by Curry) is a native of Denver, Colorado and has been a resident of Nashville, TN since 1997.  She received her Bachelor’s of Science from Middle Tennessee State University in Theatre in 2006.  Following that she attended the University of California, Irvine and received her Masters of Fine Arts in Event/Stage Management.  After working for over 10 years in theatre with such cultural institutions as the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and producing multicultural festivals she found that her creativity was still unfulfilled. 

Curry is a Nashville based Creative/Art Director for film and photography, Event Designer, Jewelery Designer, and Master Hairstylist and Cololrist. To sum it up she is a creative entrepreneur, whos knows her city of Nashville well.


Always having had a personal love for beauty industry and a maternal grandmother who was a licensed cosmetologist it seemed that the natural choice was cosmetology school.  So in 2013 Amber attended the Aveda Institute Nashville and graduated at the top of her class in (year), winning the PBA’s Beacon Award and Neill Edwin Full Potential Nashville Award. Combining her theatre and art experience with hair has allowed Curry the unique perspective of understanding how to conquer creative needs both behind and in front of the lens. She hopes to further be able to use her knowledge to consult and work on large scale projects where both her hair and art skills can be put to use.


Curry has since become a leader in the Nashville hair industry and is known nationally for her natural hair work, hair color and innovative creative direction. Featured by V Magazine, Rolling Stones, Hairbrained, and others, Curry is also a stylist to several A-list natural hair clients and music industry professionals. She has spoken on many panels concerning hair, women of color, being an artistic entrepreneur, and modeling and body-positivity.  She is a well known micro-influencer in the Nashville area and beyond.


Curry brings an authenticity, passion and innovation to the industry concerning textured of hair and women of color that is unparalleled.  She believes every woman, regardless of color or creed, should be able to have a shining salon experience. Education should be interchangeable between client and stylist. Learning from each other is the Curry way. She wants womxn to feel beautiful but empowered by the hair that blooms on their head and the light within them. 


Engaging the intersections between Race, Gender, Texture and the Salon industry, Curry seeks to educate other hairstylists behind the chair not only on textured hair, but also on the realities of having Black womxn in the chair and how the industry has been created to discriminate against black women and BIPOC folx.


she has created her own textured hair curriculum. She has previously taught for Aveda Institutes and on numerous professional beauty panels. Curry seeks to confront race and bias against Black textured hair in the industry in a way that is unashamed, bold, and reveals the beauty of textured hair outside of a European gaze and male perspective.


She is hugely influenced and inspired by the everyday women of color who sit in her chair. She is inspired by Black folx, communities of color and their beautiful resiliency. Spreading her own Black Girl Magic to all she comes into contact with.  She also finds inspiration in anything from the 90’s, Star Trek, Comic Books and Black popular culture.


Curry is Art and Creative Director of film and photography, she enjoys creating unique design perspectives to show the beauty of women of color and black pop culture. She also enjoys educating and consulting with industry professionals to create authentic stories and skills surrounding textured hair  She hopes that through her design and creative efforts young Black folx will see themselves reflected in her work.


Curry hopes she will be able renew trust within BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities with respect to negative salon experiences and customer service. She also seeks to continue to give ongoing, well-researched information about Black hair, getting rid of the misinformation one client at a time.  She hopes to blur the line even further in the industry by inspiring other stylists to offer quality hair services to BIPOC women. She will continue to travel reaching out to clients beyond the Nashville area educating and inspiring others, allowing her creative mind to put Black folx in places of beauty where they should have long been. Reach out at beadandcowrie@gmail,com for more information on consultation and creative collaboration and projects.

"The education I received about how to care for, manage, and maintain my hair was above an beyond what I've ever experienced at another Salon. On top of that Amber gave me the most BOMB color of my LIFE"

- Client K. Cameron

"She's a beast in everything she does. A true guru."

- Client C.Timberlake

"Everything is on point. Amber is an Artist. Simple as that."

- Client R. Haynes 

"Amber is phenomenal! She is professional and TEACHES you about your hair as opposed to just doing it. Go see her!"

- Client W. Bradley

"Amber doesn't do anything halfway, which shows in the effort she puts into her hair care and into developing her own personal style and brand. She pours her heart and soul into her craft and the results she produces. Everything she touches turns to Gold"

- L. Silk Lane