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About Kiing

Kiing Curry (they/them) is a non binary multi-disciplinary artist with Autism from Denver, Colorado. Currently residing in Los Angeles. They are married to Siir Cole.

They received their Bachelors of Science Cum Laude from Middle Tennessee State University in Theatre in 2006. 

Following that they attended the University of California, Irvine and received their Masters of Fine Arts with Honors in Theatre in 2010.


Curry is licensed cosmetologist and teaches a groundbreaking course called Black Beauty School. They have also taught as a college professor, and cosmetology instructor. They are a Kennedy Center Fellow and have worked on hundreds of productions in film, photography, theatre, and music in various roles. They are a production company that lives in one body.

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Creating mad rad aesthetics through art, film, photography, the stage and other creative outlets. Raising awareness about late diagnosis ASD in Black queer, and fat community. Redefining Black hair and freeing the Black body via their art, education, on set and within our communities.


Engaging their many intersections, Curry leads and creates as a multi-disciplinary artist while educating and creating change for marginalized communities and by extension themselves. Creating productions, art, and holding community conversations, centered on intention, care, and grace; that are not bound by respectability, fear or the appropriation and commodification of the Black body. They will restore Black Power to Black folx one body at a time, by looking up and those around them and sharing what they know.

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About Siir


Siir Cole (he/him) is an autistic trans masc spiritualist, sound designer, & musician from Cleveland, Ohio.


He received his BA in music performance from belmont university & his MDiv from vanderbilt divinity school with a concentration in Black Church Studies.


Using his intersections, Siir helps people to decolonize their spirituality, reconnect with Ancestors & Spirit, & create spaces for the Black diaspora to exchange community & knowledge.


Siir’s work explores questions such as:


What happens when we respond to Ancestors & Spirit differently? Our own people call out to us in a variety of ways, but most of us disregard it as unimportant or demonic. To change our response we have to understand how we think about death, rebirth & accountability.


Is the Black church relevant? 

As a major gateway to our existence in this land, the Black church has many faults that contribute to our oppression. What’s the real narrative & what are the consequences of staying complicit under its operations?


Who are we outside of racism?

Race is a social construct created by ytness. So why do we still allow them to define us?


Why are we so afraid to move back to Afrika? We were stolen & never returned…now what?


Quote: “we deserve to be home, to express, to live without a fight. breaking generational cycles is an act of return to our power.”




Thesis - Being A Black Queer Body: A Transcendence of Black Spirituality & The Exodus of ytness


Sounds - sounds & music are connected to memory. As an autistic person, Siir brings awareness to how our memory & healing flourishes on spectrums of sounds, rhythms, energy, action & associations.


Sound library coming soon

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