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Black Beauty School was always meant to have a direct and positive impact on Black Communities. BBS Community will allow me to speak and teach Black communities across the diaspora about the revolutionary care of their bodies, without the middleman. While the salon industry continues to move backwards when it comes to taking accountability for the care of Black bodies and Black hair, they continue to place profit over intentional care.Because of our continued position as oppressed people knowing our bodies can never be based around who can pay to know themselves. This is our human right, and with BBS Community I hope to be able to right this wrong. 

Something 4 tha Homies

What is BBS Community?

BBS Community is a 1 or 2-day course work that is given directly to Black folx in the community who are seeking to redefine and know their Black hair and bodies outside of the western gaze. Part 1 is an open discussion about the theory, history, collective trauma and joy that is Black hair. Part 2 is hands-on, where Black community members will learn hair and skincare technique on one another. The purpose of this course work is not only to educate, but to restore the power and connection of Black community that continues to be lost. Part 2 is about educating on the science of Black hair so that every participant can be empowered beyond the chair to know what is indeed best for their bodies. BBS Community is set to accommodate all learning types.

BBS Community Needs

We are looking for private or corporate cosmetology space with access to shampoo bowls that are willing to close for a 1-day private BBS event that will be ticketed. This class could also be done in co-working or community space, but the hands-on portion would not include shampooing, which is key to the foundational care of our bodies. 


We are looking to book in Los Angeles, New York City or abroad, specifically on the continent of Afrika. 

Who is BBS Community For?

BBS Community can be customized for parents & children, young adults, older adults, and everyone that falls in between. BBS Community is meant to be inclusive of all Black persons and their many intersections, course work can also be customized for those in queer and trans community, as well as disabled individuals and beyond. We can cover basic knowledge and understanding up to more intermediate and advanced courses for those who are further along in their personal journey. 

What is the Cost of BBS Community?

Cost is going to be contingent on if community space can be donated or if it has to be paid for. Our goal is to keep the cost affordable while also extending scholarships to any community member that wants to attend. This requires sponsorship and community support. We also need to be able to support ourselves, teaching a free class would mean we are financially supported by the community we are bringing BBS to.


  • We are looking for hair care brands that work within the science of hair who would be willing to support products for the day-of event, along with take-home hair care for each attendee.

  • Are you a hair stylist or a salon owner who can help with volunteering or with securing space for BBS Community? If so, please reach out to us.

  • Are you a Black hair stylist or salon owner that would like to host or help in the teaching and execution of the class? If so, please reach out to us.

  • Are you someone who is interested in bringing BBS Community to your city and believe you have the right connections to help make it happen? If so, please reach out to us.

  • If you are active via social media and can help with marketing BBS Community, please reach out to us.

  • If you have international access and connection, specifically on the continent of Afrika, and can act as an intermediary to help us plan our first international event. 

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