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Black Beauty School Community 
Virtual - Homeroom - September 4, 2023



When colonial capitalists made their way to the continent of Africa, the first ways that they sought themselves to be different and better was based on a comparison of our bodies. We were othered, our bodies were seen as grotesque and strange. Our dark skin is something unholy and removed from god.  Removing us from ourselves, enslaving our bodies, demeaning our bodies, and commodifying our bodies has always been the goal of the dominant culture and separating us from ourselves.


Today many Black folx across the diaspora might say that they are free. And while we may have some freedoms that our Ancestors did not, we are still suffering from a lack of knowing ourselves and how to care for ourselves outside of the western gaze and its beauty standards. While we spend the most on beauty care out of other cultures, it is not because we have a greater understanding and therefore lots of products to help us along the way. Instead, it is the exact opposite. The Black hair community is rampant with misinformation and thousands upon thousands of products that actually do nothing to help you understand the Black body, but instead are simply there to monopolize and take advantage of the Black money. Some of those products even do physical harm that has long-term repercussions like relaxers, and overly tight braiding(both practices are rooted in anti-Blackness).


Black Beauty School Community is set to solve that problem by starting at the beginning. If we are to succeed and take back our power as a people then BBS Community is where we begin. It is a re-education and redefining of Black Beauty Standards using science and the truth about our cultural history in order to invoke deep understanding and rebirth of proud feelings around who we are. This class at its core returns us to the African ideals of community, intention, and care. It truly takes a village but our village has long been scattered and turned against one another. This class will allow participants to slowly break down the walls we have created within and against one another, by learning to care for one another's hair. We will tackle colorism, texturism, ableism, patriarchy, misogyny, Black familial trauma, and more and how these intersections connect with Black hair and our lack of care for ourselves and one another. 


This course requires deep emotion and feeling, it is uncomfortable, it is joyful, it is scary and exhilarating. It is the beginning of new Blackness. By addressing our lack of care for ourselves all participants no matter their fields of perspective work will leave the course with a clear understanding of how to advocate for themselves but also their Black siblings in Germany and beyond. They will come to understand that the propaganda of Anti- Blackness is worldwide and our strongest fight against that blight is being able to come together without fear and selfish indifference that has been forced upon us by the dominant culture. Black Beauty is a human right, not something that is only extended to those who can pay. 



Black Beauty School Community VIRTUAL - Homeroom - September 4th, 2020 8:30 am - 12:30 pm


Zoom Class


BBS Community is meant to happen over 10-12 sessions, which we call class periods. The first two periods are Homeroom (Session 2 of Homeroom will happen October 9th, 2023, Indigenous Peoples Day) Committing to BBS Community means you are committed to long-term change and not short-term gratification and distraction when it comes to knowing and loving your Black hair and body.


Homeroom is where we will create our community and village foundations around caring for ourselves and one another. This will hopefully be the community that you will travel the entire course with. We will do introductions and get to know one another via panel discussions, ice breakers, unpacking history that is founded in truth and not lies and distraction, and self-evaluation.


During homeroom, we will do a deep dive into the history of Black hair to the current day and explore different prompts and discussions that bring us into preparation for the deeply loving and uncomfortable work of redefining Black Hair.

The work of loving, knowing, and understanding your Black hair from both a scientific, cultural, and political standpoint cannot just happen overnight, or from you following your favorite natural hair influencers and hairstylists. This work of redefining Black hair is more than just learning the practical steps to care for your hair, and if we can't do the work of understanding anti-Blackness at its core knowing the steps for a perfect style will be lost. This is work we must commit and recommit to daily not only for ourselves but for future generations.  




Black Beuty School is for Black folx no matter their intersections or marginalizations.


Black Beauty School Community is Donation based. The Suggested ticket price is $100. 

Donation-based pricing is for Black Community Members ONLY. If you are not Black and require a donation-based ticket you will need to reach out the before purchase of tickets. Anyone who is non-Black. You may attend the class but you will not be allowed to attend as an observer unless Curry asks for your participation in the class.

This class is great for young adults and teenagers those under the age of 18 will need to attend with a parent, guardian, caretaker, tauntee etc. 


If you are a licensed hairstylist or are associated with the beauty or hair industry in any way and you will be attending the class you will need to make this known before attending. 

If you are yt and are attending the class because you have an adopted Black child or care take for a Black child you will need to make yourself known prior to attending the class. 

If you are yt and attending the class for any reason you will need to make yourself known prior to attending the class. 

Black Beauty School is still available to be taught in salons and other professional spaces

Please visit HERE for more info. 

Tickets for BBS Community Virtual of September 4 can be purchased HERE

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