Freelance Craft Hairstylist + Educator

I want to bring my expertise, education, and private one on one craft natural hair sessions to a city near you.

Bespoke Curry of House Curry, the First of her Name, The Unburnt Ears, Queen of the Baby Hairs, The Rhoynar and the first of Slay, Queen of Hair Color, Khalessi of the Great Afro Sea, Protector of the Hair Line, Curator of Coifs, Cloud Hair Slayer, Lady Regnant of all the Hair types, Breaker of Jacked up Color, Mother of edges. First Lady of Slay, Changer of Games, Empress of Empowerment, Woman in Line of her Divine Assignment. Bringer of Strength, Collector of Swag. Nefertiti of Nickelodeon, Raddest of the Radical. Leader of the Quest Towards Radical Self-Love. Trap Queen. Curator of Black Beauty.

Here's How it Works

If you're a client

  • Sessions are anywhere from 2 days to a Full work week.

  • A full service salon space that is willing to rent daily space.

  • A chair, dryers, hair steamers, towels and laundry are preferred as part renting of daily space. All supplies, POS, products and tools are provided by Bespokecurry.

  • 60-90 days of social media marketing for pre-booking. We will create marketing campaigns but need the commitment of host salon and hot to reinforce our marketing for booking.

Hairstylists and Institutions

Are you ready to bring more textured clients in to you salon in and authentic and honesty way?

Are you looking for theory and applications for textured hair that are current and innovative and that expand past current "curly" hair curriculum's?

Are you looking for the tools and language to bring black clients and clients of color to your salon but also want to be sure your are creating a safe space for that clientele?

Are you looking to start honest, open and informative conversations about race and the salon industry and how to create a salon space free of discrimination?

Then I want to work with you. A huge piece of who I am and what I do is educating others in a fresh and innovative manner to understand race and the salon industry. While these are sometimes uncomfortable conversations to start. Let me help you with moving past the uncomfortable and into active ways to be a hairstylists that caters to all textures of hair in an intelligent and eloquent way.  This includes understanding the foundations of discrimination in the industry, differences in language behind the chair for textured vs non textured clients, hair theory and practical application, product knowledge, color theory and application for textured hair, customer service and gaining and retaining new textured hair clients. As well as an honest discussion of the history of black and textured hair.

please email me for more info on classes, panel discussions, and platform work.




Craft Natural Hair by Curry is an innovation upon previous salon experiences for women of color and specifically for those with curly and kinky hair. Bespokecurry is based on the foundation of educating women to be empowered beyond the chair to embrace their natural beauty and learning how to do their own hair. We believe that the beauty of textured hair is one that cannot be denied. We want for women to know that beauty does not exist within a bubble. It

is as diverse as the world we live in.

an a. curry production.