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Modeling Press Kit

New Digitals and Photos in Q1 2023 - Stay Tuned

With over 20 years of experience and a background in performance and movement, Curry is the photographer's favorite model.


They are able to shoot quickly, delivering high quality results in a short amount of time. They can do classic modeling to their signature Avant grade style which involves, the hand and elegant movements as an homage to queer ballroom culture.  Their skill set can be sporty with lots of movement or more streamlined.


They are looking to work with brands who are unafraid to push the envelope. As an autistic model, this also gives brands to chance engage talent that is truly diverse and a reflection of our world. They would like to work with skincare, fashion, and sustainable brands that understand the importance of partnering with Black artists. 


 They do not require hair as they can execute any and all hair needs themselves (they are a licensed cosmetologist). Curry is not an amateur they have an extensive background in the theatre, film, and photography. They are quickly able to apply instruction in front of the camera and are a delight on set. Let work together. 


Size 18

Hair Black

All of my portfolio is my creative direction. Why? Because I am just that good at what I do. I am looking to work with brands that aren't afraid of breaking with the status quo. Face like mine can make profit, but he opportunity has to be given.

Shoe Size 10

New Measurements - Contact APL Models

My personal IG is that of an artist. I hold a MFA in theatre, I am an artist that asks hard questions, because the world we live in requires it. My personal art and voice are my own, being denied work because I speak openly and honestly about being an Autistic Black Femme in America, is asking me to erase myself. I will not do that. Others are not asked to do the same.


On Set

with Curry 

CurryforELOQUII-April 23, 2021_018-Edit-Edit.jpg
CurryforELOQUII-April 23, 2021_239-Edit-Edit.jpg
curry_eloquii - february 18, 2021_0623-edit.jpg
curry_eloquii - february 18, 2021_0407-edit.jpg
curry_eloquii - february 18, 2021_0233-edit.jpg
CurryforELOQUII-April 23, 2021_308-Edit.jpg
CurryforELOQUII-April 23, 2021_366-Edit.jpg
CurryforELOQUII-April 23, 2021_098.jpg
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