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Octavia's Brood

I am not interested in Black

Folx, now clamoring to make money off of a Black femme who they have purposefully excluded from their bodies of work

Octavia was Black


Fat (with creativity)



Octavia lives in me

I discovered her on

(those folx who shall remain unnamed)

wooden bookshelves

in my childhood home

park hill



6 maybe 7

My lanky fingers tracing the strange hyperfuturistic covers of the 80s

my people found themselves in foreign lands like most who fled the heavy oppression of the south and there Octavia soothed them. Taught them of bigger and better plans.

How did they lose earth seed?

I know her books

worn and tattered

Like my

soft brown

tattered and tired skin

Awkward Black girls now turned America’s sweethearts

you write fat(creativity) Black Femmes to filth

And not the good kind neither

Name a fat Black femme leading the way

All the rumors are true

America’s Mammy

Not it

Octavia is a living



in me



She belongs in Blackest Brightest Galaxies

Not on yt blocks for massa’s sale


Message lost

Ego abounds

And you would have her live another tormented life for worldly gain.

You misunderstand

Follow the drinking gourd

She gave us directions

I spit for Octavia

you defile her name

Black men, other men, Black femmes seeking the power of men, laying claim to her body.

master and slave now to one another

I am sick

Wincing with pain

We live in a country that still kills me and Octavia, for sport

by the minute

some by hour

it is finished

having arrived with lying eyes

I see for Octavia

I will never speak for her because she spoke for herself

some want to speak for her

When you can’t

I will not watch because I know.

it is now

not the stuff of hollywood

where our stories go and die

yt bodies profit off of Octavia

the same responsible for her death

She gave me directions

mind to my mind blown parables true.

Octavia is in me

because God is change

God be

the change is me

Please do not steal. Do not share this work without my consent

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