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Redefining Black Hair - Coming Home to Afrika

How do we redefine Black hair outside of the gaze of ytness? Black women are tired of being disregarded, but yall disregard the folx who are actually willing to go to bat for you. Learning and knowing the craft of Black hair is an extension of the revolution to know self. The Black body is a revolution. But how would we know when we are drowing in lace fronts and uncle funky's. Boiling beauty standards down to women and no one else. If I can share my knowledge around Black hair and the body it is literally the freedom that can propel us into Black futures. The greatest feat of their supremacy was generation after generation forcing us to believe that they knew us better than we knew ourselves. They gave us Jesus, the binary, respectabilty, western medicine and more. Rooted us in our own Anti Blackness and it started with making us hate our bodies. Our hair. Maiming and taking our bodies without consent. Now what seems subtle, isn't so subtle. We are now doing the work of disposing of our own without them. A revolution reversed. I am done fighting America. We have always had what we need and I hope that you all will welcome me on the continent of Afrika with its many nations. I humbly come, not to take away but to add to. Yall got it. You always have. Let's do this!

Please do not steal. Do not share this work without my consent

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