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They Are Coming Soon

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Afrika Spring 2023

2 degrees in theatre

1 cosmetology license

Black Beauty School

20 years of experience in production

10 years ago, I pushed my dreams away, after dealing in an industry rampant with discrimination and mediocrity. Now is my time to return to that dream.

Film School in Afrika is my last and final step. I am actively seeking programs for summer/fall2023. 

I will tell my own stories and create a space for other Black folx in production to do the same.  Touching every aspect of production from Black hair to Black design.

I will do it from the soil that made me and with the people I come from. 

Sign up below to stay in the know. 

Creative Direction, Overall concept and design, content creator, Wardrobe Stylist, Master Hairstylist, Props Master, Set Design and dressing, Model and coach. 
How do we re-create and re-define the Black story across the diaspora outside of the yt gaze and their methodology?
What does Black hair and makeup look like onset now that we know the general framework?
How do we then spin that on its head and create a production as well as viewing experience that pushes back against the mediocre status quo?
The Black production process. What is it when we step away from western ideals and standards?
How do we create a production process that is actually inclusive and diverse?
What does set look like for the Autistic director, or the disabled HMUA?
How do we truly explore and celebrate the diversity of the Black body on screen?
How do we change the expectations and the interpretations of the Black viewer in the face of the limiting standards of  perceived Black American culture?
How do we speak truth to Black American culture that is being ignored and denied and replaces with celebrity Black culture?
These are the questions I am asking myself and that I want to engage with other Black Artists & Folx first before we ever attempt to extend it to the larger world.
It is now time to move theory into practice and into Black life , living, and creation. 
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